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A few years ago, I found myself receiving reflexology from a modest foot spa in Portland, OR. The setting was quiet, cozy,  worry-free, and there was soft, mellow music in the background. Once the treatment began, I was able to close my eyes, and feel any stresses of life begin to fade away. My therapist was kind, humble, and allowed me to sink into a deep meditative relaxation. I was able to focus on my breathing and become aware of any tension that I was holding in my body, and then slowly let it go. At that moment,  I realized that I craved this slowed-paced, mindful kind of life. I wanted to be that kind spirit, and positive energy who allowed healing for other people through therapeutic touch. This was the beginning of my wellness journey.


I graduated from East West college of healing arts of Portland, OR. Upon graduation in 2015  I moved back to my hometown Pittsfield, MA, and have been practicing massage ever since. My previous experience working as a caregiver, nurses assistant, and a home health aide, made becoming a massage therapist a smooth transition, where taking care of people came naturally to me.


I find the mind and the human body to be so intriguing. It is incredible how we tend to store physical and emotional trauma, and it’s equally incredible the capacity we have for self-healing. I find myself drawn to discover those tender points and areas of tension on each of my clients, and then working through the muscles slowly, and getting them to release.

My goal is to empower each of my clients with self-care tips, that allow them to become more aware of their bodies, and to reassure them that they are appreciated, and supported throughout their wellness journey.

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